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Equipment Rental

We're excited to announce that we will now be offering dehumidifier and fan rentals for individuals and businesses in need of moisture removal from flood or water leaking damage

Carpet drying fan flood recovery water damage
Fan Rental- $30/day*

Provides sufficient air flow to quickly dry carpets, carpet padding, rugs, and baseboards.

*Pricing includes delivery/pickup

dehumidifier flood recovery water damage moisture removal
Dehumidifier Rental- $75/day*

Simple operation, plug in and go with drainage hose to remove condensed water

Covers up to 2,300 square feet

Capable of removing 10.62-22.5 gallons per day

Compact and capable of fitting in tight spaces

*pricing includes delivery/pickup 

ozone pic.jpeg
Ozone Odor Eliminator- $175/day*

Capable of eliminating cigar/cigarette odors, pet odors, cooking odors, paint odors, and more.

Capable of oxidizing and eliminating odors in spaces up to 128,000 cubic feet

Our ozone treatment/rental requires all people, pets, and plants to vacate the space for up to 3 hours

*pricing includes delivery/pickup

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