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Services and Pricing

Scroll to view our different services and pricing options available to find what best fits your needs.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We offer two Carpet Steam Cleaning Packages

Basic Cleaning- Includes Microban pre spray and Steam Cleaning

Ultra Cleaning- Includes Vacuuming, microban pre spray, pet hair and dandruff removal, carpet scrubbing, steam cleaning, and Microban post spray

ALL carpet cleaning includes halls and closets

1 room covers up to 200 square feet

Carpet Cleanng Anchor
Number of Rooms







Basic Clean







Ultra Clean







Rug Steam Cleaning

We offer 2 Rug Steam Cleaning Packages

Basic Cleaning- Includes Microban pre spray and Steam Cleaning

Ultra Clean- Commonly referred to as a "rug bath". Includes a scheduled pickup/drop-off of your rug(s), Microban soak, rug scrubbing, steam cleaning, Mircroban post spray, and complete drying

**There is a minimum price of $150.00 for our Ultra Clean Rug Cleaning service

Basic Clean

$0.75/Square Foot

Ultra Clean

$2.25/Square Foot

Rug Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning- on site and includes Microban pre spray, steam cleaning of all surfaces, and Microban post spray

Upholstery Cleaning
Furniture Type




Arm Chair

Love Seat



Basic Clean




Starts at $150

Starts at $190

Starts at $200

Starts at $365

Odor Removal

Odor Removal

On top of the odor removal from carpet cleaning we also offer two additional services to help tackle the stubborn and pungent smells

Ozone Machine- oxidizes odors at their source and eliminates any odor producers embedded in paint, grout, fabrics, and other surfaces

Microban Fogging- our Microban fogging kills mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses on ALL surfaces in need of sanitization in a given area

Odor Eliminator

Microban Fogging

Ozone Machine


$50/1,000 square feet

$150/1,000 square feet

Additional Services

Additional Services

Water Extraction- We remove any excess water in your carpet due to any water leak, pipe burst, toilet overflow, roof leak, flooding, etc.

Pet Treatment- We check and treat your carpet for any pet stains and odors

Red Stain Treatment- Hand iron each stain

Filtration Line Treatment- Treat and remove each soil filtration line in your carpet


Water Extraction

Pet Treatment

Red Stain Treatment

Filtration Line Treatment


Prices vary. Call for quote.


$10/square foot


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