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Services Offered

  • Soil Filtration Lines

  • Vacuum

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Red Stains

  • Furniture

  • Pet Stains

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Black lines around room


Soil Filtration Lines

$25.00 per area

Soil filtration lines, also known as soil lines, smog lines, and perimeter soiling, are dark soiled areas that develop gradually on carpeting. They are most common around the edges of a room next to the wall, under baseboards, under floor length draperies, under doors, and on edges of stairs.

carpet deep clean


  • Pre-Spray Carpet 

  • Steam Clean Carpets

  • Deodorize Carpets

  • Sanitize Carpet with Micro-Ban

NO Furniture Moving (additional $10 per room)

carpet deep clean

Minimum Fee


$10.00 per room

Truck Mounted carpet cleaning
carpet deep clean

Ultra Clean Includes

  • Pre-Spray all Carpet Area with natural Cleaners

  • Vacuum and Agitate Carpet with CRB (Counter Rotating Brushs) to lift carpet pile & remove more dirt & hair

  • Treat & Remove Filtration lines at baseboards

  • Move Couches, Chairs, & Tables

  • Steam Clean Carpet Areas

  • Deodorize Carpets

  • Sanitize Carpets using Micro-Ban

carpet deep clean

2 Rooms & Hall

Basic $129.00

Ultra $219.00

carpet deep clean

3 Rooms & Hall

Basic $159.00

Ultra $279.00

carpet deep clean

4 Rooms & Hall

Basic $189.00

Ultra $339.00

carpet deep clean

5 Rooms & Hall

Basic $219.00

Ultra $399.00

carpet deep clean

6 Rooms & Hall

Basic $249.00

Ultra $459.00

Pet Stain Removal

Pet Treatment

$30.00 per area

carpet stairs steam clean


$2.00 per step

carpet red stain removal

Red Stain

$10.00 for Red Stain 1sqft

furniture steam clean



loveseat steam clean



couch steam clean



Sectional couch steam clean


Starting at $365.00

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