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Carpet Cleaning

The result is clean, fresh smelling carpet that is ready to enjoy.

Average Dry Time 1.5 Hours Deep cleaning propane heated  steam extraction for all types of  carpet includes: 

  • Removal of harmful allergens  

  • Pre-treatment / Stain removal  

  • Disinfection of bacteria

  • Deodorizing and Sanitizing 

“Friendly guys, awesome job on the carpet, and a great price for the 2 rooms I paid for. In and out in 30 minutes. Highly  recommend.”


Robert Lipsey

Mattress Cleaning

Helps destroy and remove dust mites  from your mattress.

Our High Heat system will help  extract and kill:

  • dust mites

  • dust mite waste

  • dander

  • body oil.


Stain and Odor Removal

  • Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Industrial grade microbial enzymes to attack strong odors

“I cannot give a high enough review of this business. We had a cleaning appointment with Angel's Touch that we scheduled maybe a month out for the date we thought was our  apartment's final inspection. A few days before our appointment we realized we needed to move out of our apartment  immediately because we had recorded the wrong date for the end of our lease. Angel's Touch we gracious to move the  appointment and get our carpets clean in time. When we asked about leaving a review they recommended Google because they "have no control over what people say  there" and they want the reviews to be authentic”


Miller Hall

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